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Guidelines to Hire Proficient React JS Developers

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You are definite to hire ReactJS developers for your next project. However, identifying exceptional talent can be a challenging task. There are many factors to comprehend while looking for the right candidate, such as sufficient experience, technology expertise, soft skills, and much more.

This blog offers a comprehensive roadmap on how to hire React developers, together with facets to reflect on activities before and while the hiring process.


Critical Responsibilities of Professional React JS Developers

  • Create higher quality user interface code leveraging wireframes and mock designs.
  • Build interactive UI components and elements using React toolkit.
  • Build and optimize reusable HTML/CSS/JavaScript elements and turn them cross-compatible.
  • Track the code continuously to advance and enhance app performance.
  • Write precise, expressive, and modern-day user interface code leveraging the JavaScript stylesheets and features.
  • Deal with app’s libraries to enable asynchronous API calls and originate computed data using Context APIs and Redux workflows.
  • Check QA processes comprising comprehensive testing, unit testing, and integration testing.

How do you go about and Hire ReactJS Developers?

Know the Experience Level and Skills you are Exploring

You should look to hire dedicated ReactJS developers who have a firm grip on the core technical concepts and experience reliant on your project needs. That is primarily the hard skills facet of the equation.

Hard skills to explore when you hire proficient react developers:

  • A brilliant acquaintance of JavaScript
  • Expertise in React assumptions
  • Proficiency with React JS
  • Worked on iOS and Android functionalities
  • Understanding of significant technology tools

Soft skills to explore when you hire proficient react developers:

The developer must have good communications skills and be a team player. Not merely hire React JS experts, but they should also be creative and problem solvers who don’t limit themselves to the traditional approaches.


Some of the excellent sites where you can post your React JS hiring requirements and get candidates are:

  • Job Portals (Naukri, Monster and others)
  • LinkedIn
  • Stack Overflow
  • Toptal
  • CodementorX
  • X-Team
  • BrainHub
  • Upwork

You could explore directories such as Clutch and GoodFirms to check out the leading React JS application development companies.

Create Explicit Job Description

It will help if you create the job description with an approach that spots you as a looked-for employer in the eyes of brilliant programmers searching for challenging roles.

You can even use your job description to frighten away inappropriate candidates by signifying your choice for superior quality. You can state that you only want candidates with specific experience or worked in a particular domain.

Ask the Precise Questions

Here, we have a roundup of some precise questions you could ask in the interview to single out the best batch of React JS developers out of the apt choices:

  1. What is React JS development utilized for?
  2. What are the significant strengths of React JS technology?
  3. What do you think are the limits of React JS?
  4. Can you describe the lifecycle of a React JS component?
  5. How would you improve the productivity of a React app?

Choose the Right Candidate

The right applicant doesn’t need to be proficient at everything you do. However, they must showcase a higher level of interest and readiness to learn. Only the candidate who is enthusiastic about working on your project would add worth to your current team.


1. Check Out JavaScript Proficiency

React is a precise JavaScript library, and so a React JS developer needs to have a powerful grip over JavaScript functionalities, syntax, and operations. It is even significant for developers to comprehend the JavaScript scopes, event bubbling, prototypal inheritance, DOM manipulation and other crucial functions.

2. Awareness of React JS Concepts

Since React JS is an extensive ecosystem with reusable elements, you require a practised developer aware of all concepts.

An acquaintance of React elements, styling libraries, and CSS tactics assists developers in creating responsive user interfaces and crafting rich UIs. Your selected developers must know CSS techniques such as CSS Pre-processors, JSS, CSS-in-JS and CSS Frameworks.

So, when you hire ReactJS developers who can enable programming and do the styling part is an immense benefit.

3. Cross Check Knowledge of Adjacent Technologies

React JS developers you select must have experience working with adjacent technologies that are well-matched with React. Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Django can work in synch with React. Hence, familiarity with these technologies positively offers a superior edge to any developer.

Apart from this, one should have an excellent grip over technology such as MERN Stack (which includes Express JS, MongoDB, React JS, and Node JS) to flourish with React JS development projects.

4. Check their understanding of testing tools

When you hire ReactJS developers, check their understanding of testing tools. Some of the ideal and most used tools with ReactJS are:

  • Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, AVA, Tape, Chai and Karma (For unit and integration testing)
  • Selenium, Cypress, Cucumber.js, Puppeteer, and Nightwatch.js (For comprehensive testing)

5. Check Skills of Version Control Systems

Think of an instance when you are executing a multifaceted software project that needs more developers working mutually and making recurrent alterations in the code. In such scenarios, the version control system modernizes the development procedure and assists with code management.

That is why React JS developers with practice in working with version control systems should be given the foremost preference.

6. Do they have Supple Learning Curve?

React JS is built on JavaScript, so the learning strain is pretty modest. Thanks to its exhaustive documentation of React concepts, libraries, and syntax, that won’t take much time to learn for JavaScript developers.

Moving Forward: How can IndiaNIC Assist?

Hire remote React JS developers from IndiaNIC to develop applications that can scale your business and meet operational requirements.

IndiaNIC provides a non-disclosure agreement for your data privacy and flexible contracts to hire developers as per your standings. All you require to do is share your brief project requirements and expected objectives. So, connect with us today and get a guaranteed reply within 24 hours.

FAQs on How to Hire React JS Experts

How React JS developers can be helpful?

React JS developers back your development team in multiple ways.
1) They work with your team to support your business growth and maturity.
2) Follow agile development methods for seamless product delivery.
3) Interact with your team to communicate product development advancement.

How hiring a skilled React JS development team can be beneficial?

You can hire React JS development team for
1) Migrating the existing app’s frontend to the newest version of React JS
2) Creating PWAs and SPAs
3) Building enterprise applications
4) Crafting dashboards leveraging React ecosystem
5) Developing plugins to blend with your present apps

How much does a React JS development project cost?

React JS project cost relies on the difficulty of a project or the application demands. The per-hour development cost diverges on developer experience, talent, and location. The price may also differ based on business and operational needs.

How will you source an effective React JS developer to hire?

There are many portals like TopTal, Freelancer or YouTeam to hire individual React JS developers. Else you can connect with a React JS development company to hire dedicated Reactjs developers or a complete development team.

Are dedicated React JS developers in high demand?

Yes, React JS is one of the most demanding technologies in the marketplace. Some of the leading players use it, such as PayPal, Netflix, Airbnb, eBay, and many more.

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