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Agile App Development at Dezigndia: A Holistic Approach

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Mobile app development doesn’t just mean design and coding. The agile app development process is much more involved, encompassing strategy, development, QA, delivery, and maintenance.

At Dezigndia, we take this comprehensive approach to help your ideas succeed with all these aspects included. A product can be technically great, but it will definitely fail if doesn’t value users or if the market need is more than what the product has to offer. Moreover, the product can fail if the user experience is poor and it has flaws.

Let us explain to you the process of Agile mobile app development to demonstrate a more holistic process. This will benefit the quality of your mobile app and will help you understand our approach.

Product Definition

The chronological events of defining a product before working on it, are very necessary to understand the purpose the app wants to serve. Moreover, it focuses on determining the goals of the product, mapping business objectives, market and competitor research, and creating a mobile strategy. At Dezigndia, product definition is completed with a clear set of goals including:

  • Conceptualization
  • Identifying challenges (business and technical) to be solved
  • Identifying success metrics and KPIs
  • Discussing key concerns or obstacles
  • Defining a solution for the identified problems

To justify the workflow, we provide a set of deliverables that include the user journey, user personas, storyboard, wireframes, and a visual app prototype.

We leverage the onboarding process to set the priority of the delivery schedule for the mobile app development project. We ensure a solid foundation to build a successful, and marketable product. While allowing the teams to make decisions, we ensure to deliver the desired output.


End users being the focus of our design, we plan the designing process keeping usability and ease of use in mind.  Mapping out user personas during product definition is critical to step forward with designing. We understand the user perspective and design mobile apps that make the experience with the app pleasing and easy.

When we design an app, we focus on building an aesthetic but most importantly we focus on a usable mobile app that offers a seamless experience. Right from product definition, we take the insights and observations to apply the UI/UX through a process of ideation, conception, prototyping, and styling.

Mobile App Development process

The flexible approach is a basic and important feature that agile development provides. Utilizing this flexible approach, we plan the mobile app development process. Also, we implement other elements of the agile approach to create great apps, minimize downtime, reduce risk, and maintain predictable project velocity.

Flexibility is important because it allows you to shift and adapt to changing circumstances and project needs without affecting progress velocity. The reason why so many teams struggle with it is that it needs to be induced directly into the development process, which is not easy.

The structure of our mobile app development team and the processes we follow are defined by this very pioneer of flexibility. By breaking down the project into manageable units, an agile method makes it possible to develop sustainable, and high-quality mobile apps. We have small cross-functional teams that plan along, code and review, and allow us to monitor the ups and downs within the capacity based on the project needs.

There are a number of advantages to using this approach:

  • Knowledge transfer is seamless
  • Development cycles are faster
  • Downtime is reduced
  • An overall reduction in project risk

Project Management

The scope of a particular mobile app development project is no excuse for neglecting good project management processes. Our project management team has an agile approach to your mobile app development project. With thorough knowledge of technologies and excellent interpersonal skills, our project management team ensures you a successful mobile app launch. The project management team of Dezigndia is well-versed in:

  • Developing full-scale project plans and associated communications documents.
  • Tracking project milestones and deliverables.
  • Delegating tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
  • Ensuring proper QA & validation before delivering to the client.
  • SDLC cycle of project development.
  • Project management tools like JIRA / BaseCamp / SCRUM / OpenProject.
  • Version control tools like GIT and Bit Bucket.

Predictable Project Velocity

In agile development, the concept of velocity is created to help reduce time risk and more accurately predict output relative to the amount of effort involved. Velocity – the speed with direction,  uses insights and previous learnings on team output to predict the rate at which your team delivers stories. In time, teams can develop a very accurate effort estimation of how much they can deliver within a given period. Dezigndia can provide you:

  • Better short- and long-term project estimations
  • More accurate predictions of when you will be able to deliver user stories from the product backlog
  • Ability to maintain predictable velocity and quality throughout the duration of the project

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance serves the simple function of keeping bugs out of the final product. QA at Dezigndia is standardized throughout the mobile app development lifecycle, which helps reduce delays and bottlenecks and ensures that faults are corrected as and when they are discovered.

We use an amalgamation of testing practices including code reviews and unit testing and have a dedicated product team that handles client verification. Additionally, we compile projects, check for errors, and allocate the app to the product team for testing.


When the application is ready to launch, we manage the submission process to the appropriate app stores. For iOS app development, in particular, this is an important yet overlooked aspect that many don’t consider in project timelines, but definitely should.

Dezigndia follows Agile Methodology in Software Development

While from a technical and design perspective, you also need a corresponding mobile strategy, a clear value proposition, an understanding of your users, and a process for testing and delivery. This agile approach is much needed in this highly competitive app ecosystem.

We follow this agile approach because you deserve the best for your app ideas. Reach to us with your ideas and see them turn into a success.

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