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Author: Dezigndia Technologies

What is API? and How does API monetization work?

API Web Monetization  WHY DO WE DEVELOP DIGITAL SOLUTION? Whether it is to offer certain services or ease user life, seeking profit remains the main purpose! There are many ways to generate revenues from web monetization: API plays a major role in many domains with

Agile App Development at Dezigndia: A Holistic Approach

Mobile app development doesn’t just mean design and coding. The agile app development process is much more involved, encompassing strategy, development, QA, delivery, and maintenance. At Dezigndia, we take this comprehensive approach to help your ideas succeed with all these aspects included. A product can

Why Global Businesses Love to Hire Offshore Development Company?

For all the global startups, businesses, and enterprises today, offshore development is ‘the New Normal’. More and more businesses are opting for offshore development for outsourcing some software development tasks or the whole software development project. The purpose of this offshore outsourcing is to gain

Fixed Price VS Time Material VS Dedicated Teams

An engagement model is like a protocol the client and the software development company, both follow. It includes a structural plan for the project and the basis of the collaboration between these two parties, such as the work and payment method. There are different engagement

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated development is one of the various engagement models in the software industry, and the right one for many reasons. Of course that depends on the size and scope of the project. Let us understand hiring a dedicated development team in its simplest form. Dedicated